1. All drop shippers are the original manufacturer of their wholesale product line.

True False

   2. What is a blind drop shipper?

A drop shipper and e-tailer who have never met each other.
A drop shipper who only sells imported goods.
A drop shipper who will put your company information on the packaging. They do not include any of their information on the packaging.
A drop shipper who only accepts money orders for payment.

   3. What is a bonded warehouse?

A warehouse funded by government bonds and securities
A holding area used by Customs
A drop shipper's facility combining their retail and warehouse outlet
A wholesale warehouse owned by Barry Bonds

   4. A wholesale supplier will need a tax ID number or resell certificate from an e-tailer so they can sell goods without .

   5. A middleman improves the profitability of an e-tailer.

True False

   6. A true authentic drop shipper will not require an e-tailer to order minimum quantities of products.

True False

   7. An authorized dealer agreement, or AMA is a

contract for financing drop shipped goods
binding agreement for shipping methods used by a drop shipper
legal document that outlines the rules an e-tailer must follow to sell a drop shippers products
None of the above

   8. Getting an exclusive right on a product often requires you to

write a letter to the Federal Trade Commission
stand on one leg and sing a rap tune
buy the product patent
sell a minimum amount of the product as required by the supplier

   9. Another benefit of using drop shipping as an e-tailer is not having to carry inventory

True False

   10. A wholesaler is the same thing as a drop shipper.

True False


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