Last January we had a very serious incident occur at a trade show we attended. Without going into the details, some wacko decided to get fixated on a research team member and tried to meet them at a show on the schedule. Scary stuff! For this reason, we no longer publish where we are going to be.

Folks, we would love to put our future research schedule back out there for everyone to view. We might be able to figure something out in the future. But quite frankly, the safety of our lives is more important. We are researchers, not Fear Factor contestants.

As we learned in January, this line of work has some risks. As you may know, there are many drop shipping directory scams out there with shady people running them. Likewise, we have learned there are some seriously mentally insane people posing as buyers out there.

Are trade shows safe? Absolutely. However, if you are going to start advertising to complete strangers where you are going to be on a certain date and time...use caution. Are we going to stop going to trade shows? NO WAY! This is what we do for you. We are the only wholesale drop shipping research company who attends the tradeshows. For this reason, our directory is a real bargain compared to the price it would cost you to travel and attend some the shows.

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