Schedule of Trade Shows We Research


There are an estimated 9,000 trade shows, symposiums, conferences, and expos annually held in the U.S. We select shows that are relevant to showing and discussing wholesale distribution items for retailers. The midwest has long been the preferred capital of many trade show locations as it is geocentrically convenient to travel from either coast and southern portions. The midwest region of the country is also a high volume distribution hub for many distributors and manufacturers of retail items. The non-member admission cost of attending some shows can cost as high as $800 PER PERSON to attend.


Below is a sample of the typical type of trade show research schedule we do during part of the year. As you can see, we cover many merchant shows and we see thousands of distributors. We are the only research firm who provides this level of physical research in drop shipping. The work is very tiring, difficult, and expensive as we screen numerous distributors about their drop shipping capabilities.



Sample of Previous Q3 & Q4 Trade Show Research Schedule

Date Type of Trade Show Location
June Book Expo Show Chicago, IL
June Candy Expo Chicago, IL
June  Residential Furnishings Show Chicago, IL
July  Home Market Show Chicago, IL
August Designer Apparel Show Chicago, IL
August St. Louis Gift Show Collinsville, IL
August Consumer Gaming Show Indianapolis, IN
August Sewing Expo Indianapolis, IN
September International Toy & Game Show Chicago, IL
September Casual Wear Show Chicago, IL
September Custom Home Theater Electronic Show Indianapolis, IN
September Manufacturing Show Chicago, IL
September Handcrafted Show  Chicago, IL
September Furniture & Accessory Show Chicago, IL
September Tools & Assembly Show Rosemont, IL
September Motivational Products Show Chicago, IL
September Electrical Manufacturing Expo Indianapolis, IN
October Kitchen & Bath Show Chicago, IL
October Modern Furniture Show Chicago, IL
October National Wedding & Bridal Show Chicago, IL
October The Remodelers Show Chicago, IL
October International Model & Hobby Show Rosemont, IL
October Furniture Fair Chicago, IL
October Women's & Children's Apparel and Accessory Show Chicago, IL
November Baby's Baby Faire Rosemont, IL
November Ski Show & Snowboard Expo Rosemont, IL
December Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Show Chicago, IL
December Performance Racing Trade Show Indianapolis, IN

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