How To Combine Gift Wrapping With Wholesale Drop Shipping To Make Your Profits Soar


By Brad Beiermann


The vast majority of drop shippers do not offer gift wrapping as it is a logistics nightmare for them. If you are going to offer gift wrapping, you will need to do it yourself. So why do it? Offering gift wrapping to your customers is service that can prove to be very profitable at times. There are many customers who will pay good money for the service as their time is more valuable doing other things aside from wrapping packages. At some point, you will most likely get a customer buying for a holiday, birthday, or a special occasion. If you are new to gift wrapping with drop shipping, there is something to consider. If you are e-tailing a small size item that is relatively inexpensive and is very popular with your customers, this could be a good product for you to offer a gift wrapping service. This particular item can make things a little easier for you in terms of offering the gift wrapping. Here are some reasons:


1. If it is a good seller for you, then you could probably stock up with a few of these items for a "mini inventory" with minimal risk of being stuck with these items over a long period of time. This allows you to have a small stock of these items by paying the shipping only once to your doorstep. This reduces the cost of double shipping the item. Why carry this mini inventory? First, you will have to wrap these items yourself and repackage. So, you will need them at your location. Remember, you are going to be charging customers for this service. So, add up the numbers (shipping, materials, time...etc.) before you take the plunge. Second, you can control the delivery a little better since you will be sending the item. Those last minute shoppers can call you and ask, "Can you send it over night gift wrapped." At this point, you can get their business and say, "Yes we can!"


2. It is better to pick a small item as it will not require a bunch of space in your office area.


3. Most importantly, you want to make sure this item is a real mover for you. If you still have items in your mini inventory after the holiday, they will eventually sell as this is your popular item and is more likely to move. This greatly reduces your risk of being stuck with items that could not sell.


How much should you charge? Well, that's up to you and the numbers...but let me give you a real life example of a situation that happened with a business associate of mine. She offered gift wrapping as an extra service on her website. Last holiday season she received a call from a customer wanting to buy a $19.95 item they had seen on her website. It was December 23rd and this gentleman wanted the item gift wrapped and GUARANTEED next day on his doorstep the following morning. Truly a last minute shopper! In short, this customer paid over $110 for a $19.95 item. The shipping alone was over $70. This gentleman was thrilled. I was beyond stunned. My business associate said, "I get these kind of orders frequently. Particularly around holidays." My lesson of the day...There is profit in procrastination.


Why was this customer willing to pay so much for an item that costs so little? I later found out my business associate received a thank you email from this customer describing the situation. Apparently, this customer was a pilot for a private airline. He was so busy flying clients in December, he did not get enough time on the ground to go shopping or get on a computer. So, he called in the order while in the air!


Folks, you never know where your next customer is going to come from. Gift wrapping is a popular incentive for the special occasion shopper. They will remember your service and your ability to deliver when they are in a crunch. This can win customer loyalty.


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