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It's about time someone has written a free e-book that can actually help you, and is

NOT a glorified sales pitch for their company.


Welcome to our free e-book entitled "Starting Your Online Retail Niche With Drop Shipping"


This book was written by our Drop Ship List Directory team. Our team has created this e-book for you to use as a guide in establishing your online retail business using drop shipping. The e-book is free for you to download and read. Feel free to share and distribute the e-book with anyone wanting to learn more about drop shipping and starting an online store.


We have found most free e-books on the Web today to contain very little helpful information as their author's hidden agenda is to get you to buy their products. Their free e-book is nothing more than a bunch of glorified sales pitches with very little to offer in terms of useful material. We have read many of the so called "free e-books" about online retailing on the Web today. After reading many of these e-books, our team soon realized we had learned very little about the subject matter they were supposed to cover. We found this to be true with some of the e-books we had even paid to download. There are many customers who have encountered the same issue. Out of shear frustration, our team decided to write this book. It is focused on many of the subjects you will need to know about as you begin your new online store.


Folks, your time is valuable. Do not waste it reading a glorified sales pitch disguised as a free e-book. If you are new to e-tailing, drop shipping, ecommerce, niche marketing, or doing a marketing plan...take the time to read this e-book. Remember...The leaders are the readers.


Best Wishes,

Drop Ship List Directory Team


"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one

has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."

                                                                   - Booker T. Washington


Click here to download your free copy of "Starting Your Online Retail Niche With Drop Shipping"


Approx. File Size: 350k bytes


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view eBook.


Here is a sample of the topics covered:

Table of Contents

About The Author
     A promise for you
     The Goal of This Book
     Changing Times
     What Have We Learned?
     The Chapters
     The BONUS CHAPTER (Chapter 7)
Chapter 1. Start with a Simple Plan
     The Importance of a Marketing Plan
     Getting Your Online Retail Business Defined
     Quick Marketing Plan
     Incorporate or Not?
     Avoiding Personal Liability
     Tax Savings
     What Kind of Corporation Do I Need?
     S Corporations
     Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 2. Understanding Your Online Niche
     Understanding Your Online Niche
     What is a niche?
     The Power of Niche!
     Getting Your Retail Niche Online
     Check Out Some Market Trends
     Differentiate (You can only find it here…)
     Beating the dreaded “Shop-and-Savers”
Chapter 3. Getting Your Retail Business Online
     Setting up your online store
     Web Hosting
     Domain Names
     Shopping Carts
     Merchant Accounts
     Searching for a Merchant Account
          Setup Fee
          Discount Rate
          Transaction Fee
          Statement Fee
          Monthly Minimum Fee
          Additional Fees

     The Virtual Terminal
     Your Own Toll Free Numbers
     Press Releases
     Pay Per Click Advertising
Chapter 4. Finding the Products to sell
     Product Planning and Product Sourcing
     What is wholesale drop shipping?
     How to locate a wholesale drop shipper
     Search Methodologies
           Internet Searches
          Trade Show Searches
          Government Embassies

     Your Search
     Quick Lessons For Success
          1. Minimum Orders
          2. Middlemen
          3. Membership Fees
     How you spot an authentic drop shipper
     How to make initial contact with a drop shipper
     Getting a Federal Tax ID or EIN
     Product Pictures
     Product Descriptions
     Product Quality
     Product Packaging
     Out of Stock Issues
     Drop Shipping Fees
Chapter 5. Finding Your Wholesale Drop Shippers at a Trade Show
     About this Chapter
     Your Search
     Get a Show Brochure
     Inspect the products
     What questions should you ask?
     What questions might they ask?
Chapter 6. Profit Tips
     Profit Margin (The Good, The Bad, The Broke)
     Some of the Do’s and Don’ts (80/20)
Chapter 7. (BONUS CHAPTER) The Brand Name Myth
     What is the brand name myth?
     Press Release Paralysis
     How Can I Avoid The Brand Name Myth?
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