Trying to get out of debt? Drop shipping is helping many.

By Brad Beiermann

Are you trying to get your bills paid? Do you have large credit card bills, car payments, medical bills, high rent, or college tuition to pay? If you have any of these debts, you are not alone. However, just because other folks are in debt, does not mean you have to be in debt. Don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses. They are also deep in debt and going broke. It is stunning to see the level of debt Americans have racked up. The annual savings rate per person across the country is less than zero! According to the Federal Reserve, the savings rate has only been negative for a full year twice before, in 1932 and 1933, when Americans were struggling with job layoffs during the Great Depression. Consumer borrowing is out of control. The number of people filing bankruptcy each year has reached all-time highs. The question many are asking is this, “How can I get out of debt?”

Is this obvious to you?
Let’s state the obvious: The very cause of debt is overspending. Saving more money does not fix the problem, but it can help. Earning more money does not fix the problem, but it can help. Most debt managers and counselors focus heavily on ways to reduce spending. The results are often mixed. Many financial institutions offer investment products. For the majority of society that does not save money, these products do not work. Think about it for a moment. If nobody is saving money, then there is nothing left to put into a mutual fund, IRA, or other banking investment product. These products work great for a society that saves money consistently. Clearly, that is not the society America lives in today.

Taking a different direction…
For this article, we are going to take things into a different direction. We are going to focus on prosperity thinking. We are a society that likes to spend, and that is the basis of our commerce. Prosperity thinking does not discourage spending. Rather, it refocuses our spending. It makes us think about spending money on things that will get us more income. The same thing that has brought our society into debt (i.e. spending) is also the same thing that can get us out of debt. To get different results, you have to change your focus. You have to ask yourself a different set of questions. The questions are simple:
How can I create more income?
What can I do to increase my cash flow?
How can I reduce my debt liabilities?
How do I create money generating assets?
What are my financial goals?
As many folks have started to think about the possible answers to these questions, some have already taken action. Their answer came in the form of starting a small inexpensive business online. They used their little online business to pay off their debts. Their goal was simple: Get out of debt. The results have been surprising. Let’s take a look at what these people are doing in a real world example…

While we are a country in debt, we are also a country of free enterprise. By exercising that freedom, each one of us is free to start a money making business. If this scares you or make you feel uncomfortable, get over it. No kidding. Not being able to pay your bills to survive is far scarier. Being in deep massive debt can destroy your life. Starting a little business can be the first step in adding a financial destiny to your life. I recently spoke to a customer of ours who had over $34,000 in credit card debt. It was more than an entire year’s worth of income on her current job. Within one year she pretty much wiped out the debt. I was impressed. Here is how this open minded lady did it.
1. She heard about people selling things online and making money. So, she contacted the Secretary of State’s office and incorporated a business to get started.
2. She got a merchant account to accept credit card purchases.
3. Her next stop was to search for products to sell. She found a wholesale manufacturer that offered single item drop shipping. This meant she did not have to buy inventory.
4. Next, she started a little do-it-yourself-no-geek-computer-skills-needed website with her new company name and a few pages describing her business. Her business?...She sold ballet dancing accessories.
5. She spent time in the book store studying online marketing techniques and gradually began to get customers on her little website.
In total, she had spent a little over $400 in getting the business started. In her first year she made $58,000 in sales and netted a profit over fifty percent. She took that money and paid on the majority of the credit card debt. She said, “Normally I would have taken that $400 and spent it on something I didn’t need…like another handbag.” In short, she made money by converting her spending habits. She spent money on an asset (online business), versus a liability (handbag). Notice how this did not involve saving money or buying mutual funds? It involved spending and prosperity thinking.

A Drop Shipping cash flow?
She said the drop shipper really made things easy for her. She did not have to spend money on product inventory. Each time she received an order on her website, she worked with the drop shipper to get the product sent to her customer. This process kept repeating as orders came in. Over a period of time, a significant flow of cash started to happen for her stockless retail business. She achieved her goal.

Always remember…
You become what you study. If you study chemistry, you can be a chemist. If you study music, you can be a musician. If you study prosperity, you can be prosperous.

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