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You can look up drop ship companies by either Product Type, Category, or by Company Listing. Select one of the lookup buttons below.



What will you see in the FREE Preview area?

This area has been setup for our visitors and guests to preview a "sample" of the directory. You will be able to see the various products carried by the drop shippers in the directory. In addition, you can also view the various categories of products by selecting the "Category Lookup" button above. The actual drop shipper's contact information is hidden as we cannot merely give away the key information. The actual contact information is available to members who have ordered the directory. Members can login into the directory by selecting "Member Login" on the left hand menu.


The preview area has been setup to give you an idea of the extensive range of products and drop shippers you will find in our directory. In addition, you can view the various categories of drop shippers along with how their contact information would be presented. Again, the actual drop shipper's contact information is hidden as we cannot simply give away the information as it costs us money to perform the research and supply it to our directory members. If you are interested in becoming a member after the FREE Preview, simply select the "Order The Directory" button to purchase full access.


Easy Previewing Instructions


1. Click on the "Product Type Lookup" button above to view the products offered by various drop shippers found in the directory.


2. Click on the "Category Lookup" button above to view the various categories of products offered by the drop shippers.


3. Click on the "Company Lookup" button above to view the various drop shippers in alphabetical order.


4. As a special service to our members, we will often perform a search for products currently not listed in the directory. To view the details about having us do a special search, click on the "Search Request" button above.


5. Once you have entered the lookup pages, a box called "Quick Search" will appear on the top section. You can type in a keyword to be searched in the list of products.


                       Example: Type in the word "leather" into the Quick Search box and click on the "Go" button

                                       beside it. At this point, all the products with the word leather will appear.


6. The "Product Type Lookup" and "Company Lookup" each have an option to select a product or company by alphabetical order. You will see the list of alphabetical letters appear above each listing. Simple select a letter to view a product or drop shipper who's name begins with the letter.


                       Example: Click on the letter "B" on the Product Type Lookup page, and all products beginning with the letter "B" will appear.



Variations in Wholesale Drop Shipping Programs

Drop shipping programs vary amongst various wholesalers. When you find a drop shipper in the directory, you will need to contact them and specifically ask them about having them do single item drop shipping for you as an Internet retailer. It is important to establish a good relationship between you and the wholesale company as they will be a supplier for you.


Our Contacts

Other than the companies who have contacted us directly, or the ones we know from trade shows, we have contacted many of the wholesale drop ship companies anonymously. Why?


1. Some wholesale companies want their names in our directory, although they do not single item drop ship. We do not allow it, and take the steps necessary to verify they are giving us the correct information about their drop shipping program. For this reason we contact them without identification.


2. We want to be treated like any customer who would be approaching them about drop shipping. This helps us understand their enrollment process of getting a customer set up with their drop shipping program.

Our job is to connect our customers with wholesale companies who drop ship and supply them the contact information.  Again, the relationship is to be between you and the wholesale supplier. As a supplier for your company, these folks are essentially a business partner of yours. Your ability to establish good communication with them is important.


Website Outages

Like everyone else, wholesalers sometimes have their website down due to maintenance issues. If you click on a site and it does not appear, they might be having maintenance performed on the their website. This is common, and only temporary as it is something we cannot monitor twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. For this reason, we have included other means of contacting the wholesaler (i.e. phone number, email...etc.) in their contact information. In addition, we frequently monitor a wholesale drop shipper's policies for any changes that might effect the status of their drop shipping program.


Enjoy your search!





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