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About Hienote Inc.

Through the years of consulting in e-commerce and product sourcing, the staff at Hienote Inc. has spent time helping businesses of all kinds and sizes get the maximum value from their efforts. As a research firm, we have discovered many of the small home based online businesses challenged in finding creditable and dependable wholesale drop shippers. As a result, Hienote Inc. was started to help businesses find creditable tier one drop shippers. Hienote offers a weekly updated directory of wholesale drop shippers. The directory validates itself by a meticulously designed methodology of identifying valid drop shippers. This methodology was designed through years of experience and dedication. In turn, the Hienote Drop Ship List Directory offers some of the most sought after drop shippers focused on quality, dependability, and a maximum return on investment. We research wholesale trade shows trying to find wholesale drop shippers. Do you have the time and money to do this? Click here to see how we do this work for you.

A Dedicated Staff

We have a fulltime staff dedicated to continuously finding new drop shippers for our directory. The processes used in our search and validation methodology are extremely time consuming. It requires a complete focus. The Hienote staff is focused on using the Hienote methodology to find new drop shippers every week. We research more trade shows than any other product sourcing firm in the Internet today. In fact, be sure to check out some of the photos of us in action at trade shows. We research these shows to find wholesale drop shippers for customers like you.

Your Success = Our Mission


If you are here, you are interested in being successful and profitable. You will find a directory focused on:


1. Providing you a list of drop ship suppliers.


2. Providing you a tool for easily achieving your online retail goals.


3. Saving you time...lots of it!


4. Elimination of uncertainty dealing with unknown drop shippers


5. Getting you winning online immediately!


Finding drop shippers can be a laborious task that takes a lot of time, research, and money. Hienote

has leveraged its resources and research staff to create the Drop Ship List Directory for you. We

are committed to providing you a continuously growing list of drop shippers to deliver the products your

customers will buy.

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