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We are the FIRST drop ship research company who gathers its wholesale drop shipper information from wholesale trade show participation. Our research team DOES NOT sit in an office surfing the Web all day trying to find wholesale drop ship companies.

We DO NOT sit in an office searching worthless contact lists that have outdated bogus raw supplier data.

...We hit the streets and physically look for companies who offer wholesale drop shipping. Our team goes to major trade shows as well as the small and mid-size certified wholesale trade shows. It is hard work and takes lots of time finding a drop shipper at a show who will work with small Internet businesses. The percentage who qualify and make it into our directory is low due to our thorough qualification process.


Our online directory and offline library is filled with the names of wholesale companies we meet at wholesale trade shows. We have been doing this longer than anyone on the web today!


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Here is what we do for YOU...

Our trade show research teams work to get YOU the information about wholesale drop shippers. One-on-one interviews and discussions are conducted with each wholesale company at a show.
We inspect and record each companies offerings and product quality first hand.

We learn about their wholesale and drop shipping programs by meeting with them personally.

We look for wholesale products that are unique and would work well for YOUR online store.
We work hard for YOU, and go the extra mile to get YOU the best information about a wholesale drop shipper.
We meet some of the BEST wholesale companies in the world. We want to bring them to YOU!
We have been to hundreds of shows. We have met thousands of wholesale companies. Only a selected group will qualify to be in our directory.

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