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Here is the secret nobody mentions...


Did you know some of the newest wholesale drop shippers have little, or no Web presence? This is particularly true for brand new wholesalers who are not found in a major search engine such as Google. Some of the newer wholesale companies have new websites. As some of you may know, it can take years to get good search engine placement. A new wholesale company with a new website simply does not show up immediately in a search engine (assuming they even have a website). This is one of the reasons why we go to the trade shows to find them. We find, and meet these types of wholesale drop shippers at trade shows all the time. They are now in our directory for YOU to contact.


The advantage you will find with the Hienote drop ship product directory:


         It is the directory of premier drop shippers who are tier-one wholesalers.


This also means each drop shipper in the directory is either a manufacturer of the product they ship, or they are an importer that deals directly with manufacturers. Our directory provides a mix of U.S. based drop shippers or overseas drop shippers. We follow an effective methodology for identifying and locating drop shippers that involves contacting overseas embassies, validations, and compliance. 


Your Return on Investment...with a GUARANTEE

Do you want immediate results in finding quality drop shippers? Many customers have found the directory to be a successful business tool in locating top notch drop shippers. Click here to get your immediate access.


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