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Our Search Methodologies

As a research firm, there are three primary search methodologies used by Hienote. They include the following.


1. Trade Show Searches. Hienote often searches trade shows as a primary search methodology. There are many large shows that feature manufacturers and focus on a particular market segment (i.e. sporting goods, automotive, households…etc.). A trade show has the advantage of getting face-to-face with manufacturers and distributors. Hienote attends the trade shows to research and perform an interview with a potential drop shipper. Critical logistical information is gathered during the interview.

-To check out how we research actual trade shows, click here.

-To check out our trade show research schedule, click here.

-To see a sample of the shows we have researched, click here. Do you have time to do this level of research? Our directory can help YOU.


2. Government Agency Search. Hienote has recognized some of the foreign government agencies have become a real opportunity for manufacturers. Specifically, there are manufacturers in other countries seeking to sell their products in the U.S. The foreign manufacturers sometimes request their government agencies to place them on a list. This list is focused on manufacturers seeking to do export business with other countries. Many U.S. drop shippers in the import/export business have requested a list of these manufacturers from the foreign embassies and government agencies. In turn, the drop shipper will warehouse their products for distribution. Hienote spends research time getting in contact with these same foreign manufacturers to find out their U.S. wholesale distribution center counterparts. In fact, this one of our most unique, and successful methods in tracking drop shippers who work in the importing business.


3. Internet Searches. Although this is a search method used by many, Hienote will sometimes use this search methodology to locate a drop shipper. Virtually anyone can use this search methodology if they have an Internet connection. The search engines are leveraged to locate a desired product. After finding a specific product, Hienote researches their way backwards towards finding a manufacturer listing the product. The manufacturer can sometimes be found by discovering several retailers selling the same product listing the name of a manufacturer. Once the manufacturer is discovered, a phone call can be made to find out about their distribution policies.


Information Collection

There are twenty-one key points of information we collect from a drop shipper. We use the "Wholesale Drop Shipper Information" form below to record each drop shipper's information in the directory.



Hienote, Inc.

Drop Ship Research & Consulting




Wholesale Drop Shipper Information

Your Company Name:

Company Website:

Product Category:


Location Information:

(NOTE: P.O. Box Addresses are NOT acceptable)




Zip Code:



Contact Information:

Primary Contact Name:





Shipping Information:

Methods of Shipping (i.e. FedEx, USPS):

Shipping Regions (US, International, etc.):

Payment Terms (Net 30, Net 60, Credit Card):

Drop Ship Fees:


Qualifying Questions:

Does your company drop ship single item orders?



Does your company have a warehouse?



Do you require resellers to show proof of resellers certificate?



Do you stock inventory of the products you sell?



Do you have an ERP system in place?



Do you charge any reseller fees? (i.e. memberships, accounts)?




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Review of Key Qualifications


We have several key qualifications we review with each drop shipper. They must meet these qualifications in order to be added to the directory. What key characteristics qualify a company to be a drop ship supplier on the directory?


1. The company must be the manufacturer or authorized tier one wholesaler of the product.


2. They must be able to single item drop ship to the end user.


3. They must be able to single-item drop ship with out minimum quantity. If a company requires minimum quantities, they are not a true drop ship supplier and are not included on our list.


4. The Hienote drop ship list directories contains some drop ship suppliers that will offer you credit (i.e. net thirty day payment). This gives you thirty days to pay on your wholesale drop ship account.


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