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FAQ's About The Drop Ship Product Directory

Here is a list of the more common questions we get about the Drop Ship List Directory. If you do not see a question on the list you would like answered, drop us a line at:

How many drop shipped products are available in the directory?

We do not track the exact number of products for a several reasons:

1. Our focus is not on the quantity of products, but rather the number of categories of products available. Most importantly, our goal is help you find products you can sell and have them drop shipped to your customers. It would not be helpful to anyone if we advertised millions of products, and none of them fit your interest or niche. For a niche business resource, we feel the need to have a broad array of drop ship categories to fill a particular niche market. We offer a custom search service for those who cannot find a particular product. Also, it is necessary to maintain a good balance of offerings in the directory. Why is this important? We have seen other directories advertise having 500,000 to 5,000,000 products available. Upon further inspection of their content, a majority of their products fall within a small number of product categories (i.e. electronics, cameras...etc.). As a result, your odds of finding a product in your line of business are greatly reduced if the number of categories are limited.

2. A drop shipper (particularly an importer) is constantly adding or deleting product to their portfolio. So, the number of products offered by a particular drop shipper can always be changing. Therefore, we do not keep track of every product they inventory. Again, the emphasis is on the category of products they carry not the quantity.

3. As mentioned earlier, it would not matter how many products were available if we did not have anything in your business niche category.


How many drop shippers are in the directory?

The exact number is always changing since we are constantly adding drop shippers to the directory. We learned a couple of interesting lessons early in our business about advertising the number of products/drop shippers in our directory. We are going to share those lessons with you right now...


The majority of folks who first called to ask us ask this question usually did not know exactly what they wanted to sell. In some cases, they had seen other directories advertise hundreds, or even thousands of drop shippers. They bought their list. Looked through their list, and still could not decide what they wanted to sell. OR, they had only an "rough idea" of what to sell and did not succeed in selling the item(s) online.


Here are two key lessons:


LESSON #1: If you do not know what you are going to sell, no drop shipping directory is going to answer this question for you. Do a marketing plan before you do anything else. Successful online retailers and eBay retailers already know this fact. It does not have to be a time consuming task. The time you spend doing a quick marketing plan will help you win online. There are many good books on this subject. If you do not want to spend the time or money on a book, we have compiled a quick marketing plan sheet you could use to get started. Click here to open the page. Again, there are many good books on this subject matter. Our favorite, publication is called:


Market Planning Guide

by David H. Bangs

ISBN: 0793159717


LESSON #2: Many drop ship directories advertise the number of products, or drop shippers as a marketing strategy to get you to buy their directory. They want the customer to think, "If they have thousands of drop shippers with millions of products, I will probably find something to sell." Those directory companies know many people have not thought about a business plan, product plan, sales plan, or marketing plan. They prey on customers who have not taken the time to thoroughly think about their own product sales plans. Do not fall into this trap of thinking. If you are taking the time to read this, then you are already one step ahead. As an honest and legitimate business, we do not follow this marketing method. For this reason, we do not advertise the number of drop shippers or products. We added a Free Preview with a search to help give you an idea of the contents of the directory, and the number of drop shippers. Also check out our drop ship directory buyers guide as a great reference.


How many categories of drop shippers and products are in the directory?

You can find a list of our drop shipping categories in our directory sample page located at:



The number of categories will be increasing as we find new drop shippers for a requested business niche.


How do you find drop shippers for the directory?

Our method of finding drop shippers is unique, meticulous, and very time consuming. You can find a description of our search methods on the methodology page located at:



Will I find big brand name products in the directory?

We are focused as a resource for niche marketing businesses, and not the mass market businesses. So, you will find very few big brand name products in the directory. Why? There are countless start-up online retail businesses who have been led to believe they should sell big brand name products as a core product offering for their retail website. After all, most consumers are familiar with big brand names (i.e. Kodak, Bushnell, Sony...etc.) and have grown to trust and follow their favorite brand name products. So, the popular way of thinking suggests that big brand name products are what a new online business should sell. Why? Again, the big brand name products are popular, well known, trusted and carry a name of quality. Unfortunately, this has often resulted in a losing battle for numerous small online businesses. How? In a few words...intense competition, brutal price wars and extreme market saturation. These businesses basically entered into the commodity business without knowing what hit them! Many of them are no longer in business.


Are all of the listings in your directory authentic drop shippers?

Yes. They will all drop ship without requiring minimum quantity orders. Also, if there are any special arrangements needed with the drop shipper, we have included the notes with the listing.


I am looking to sell a particular type of product on the Web, but I do not see the category of product listed in your sample listing. Why?

Not every wholesaler drop ships. In the case of import drop shippers, they might feel a particular product would not fit their market portfolio. So, they simply will not carry the product. As a more recent issue, some wholesalers have discontinued their drop shipping programs due to retail abuse going on in the online auction world, or have started ADAs (see drop ship FAQs for more info). They are not in the auction business, they are into the retail supplier business. In addition, drop shipping is somewhat of an "special" service program offered by wholesalers. Again, there is not a drop shipper for every product available in the marketplace.


What can I do if I have lost my password to the directory?

Contact our customer service. Click here for customer service.


What should I do if the method of payment does not include my credit card company?

Contact the wholesale drop ship company listed and confirm which credit card they take as this can sometimes change. If they do not take your type of credit card, ask them about other forms of payment.


Is there a printed version of the directory?

No. We do not offer printed copies of the directory as the information is always changing. By keeping the directory purely online, we are able to update a drop shipper's information.


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